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La Nuda Rent E-MTB proudly shares the values of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and strongly supports the spreading of responsible tourism and green outdoor activities


          La Nuda Rent E-MTB

          Official CIAB partner

          Since 2021


La Nuda Rent E-MTB can be found alongside the Pian D’Amora campsite at Coreglia Antelminelli, one of the most beautiful mountain towns in Italy which is situated 595m above sea level.
Therefore it’s the perfect base for  a departure for a historical and cultural itinerary through ancient towns and villages and excursions for all levels, with the possibility of reaching heights of almost 2000m. Mountain Rondinaio, which is also known as “La Nuda”, with its 1964m peak, makes a backdrop to the campsite an marks the border between Lucca and Modena. On the Modenese side it towers over Lake Baccio, Lake Torbido and Lake Turchino. In the vicinity of mountain Rondinaio there is also Mountain Giovo, a point on the Italy 00 route, that with its 1991m height, is the highest peak of the Tuscan-Emiliano Appennine.
The Tuscan-Emiliano Appenine showcases an extraordinarily rich environment:  lakes, waterfalls, blueberry meadows and the most impervious peaks made home by animals such as the deer, the wolf, the eagle, and many other species.